About Us

I grew up watching my mother make things. She cooked exciting new dishes, weaved lunch baskets for us to carry to school, she also sewed clothes for the entire family, including all my school uniforms.
I’ve spent countless hours in the school ground looking for shiny red seeds in the sand under giant trees, when my mother found my school bag jiggling with these seeds, competing for space with textbooks, she sewed extra-deep pockets into my uniform so I can stash them there.

Some years later, we moved to Bangalore from Chennai and for the first time, we needed sweaters. I picked up an old crochet hook and made a shawl for my sister. Since then, I embraced the “You can make that!” spirit from my mother and haven’t looked back.

This yarn store is an endeavor to help you make something too. We carry “slow” materials, not flashy, not cheap, not easy, but those that will give a soul to the fabrics.

We would like to offer you the best and unique, rarely available. It took us many trips and years to discover & cultivate them. You do not have to do that. They are here.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Hachi Yarns